G is the seventh letter of the latin alphabet. Its unicode points are Latin Capital Letter G, U+0047 (G) and Latin Small Letter G, U+0067 (g).

Appearance Edit

The latin letter G is derived from the letter C with an extra hook or descender.

A capital letter G looks very similar to a Cyrillic Capital Letter Komi Sje, U+050C (Ԍ).

The lower case g has two main variants: A double-storey (or carolingian) g and a single-storey g.

Usage Edit

The letter g is used by most languages that use the latin alphabet, except those with no voiced plosives, like Finnish (though they use it in the digraph <ng>).

In the International Phonetic Alphabet, it is not officially used, as a single-storey g is preferred. This is encoded at Latin Small Letter Script G, U+0261 (ɡ), and represents a voiced velar plosive.

Diacritics and derivations Edit

Here are the diacritics, that can be put on a letter g, and are precomposed in unicode.

Above the letter:

Diacritic Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Dot (˙) Ġ U+0120 ġ U+0121 e.g. Old Irish
Acute (´) Ǵ U+01F4 ǵ U+01F5 e.g. Pashto romanization
Circumflex (^) Ĝ U+011C ĝ U+011D e.g. Esperanto
Caron (ˇ) Ǧ U+01E6 ǧ U+01E7 e.g. Skolt Sami
Macron (ˉ) U+1E20 U+1E21 e.g. Kokota
Breve (˘) Ğ U+011E ğ U+011F e.g. Turkish
Inverted comma (ʻ) (or cedilla) Ģ U+0122 ģ U+0123 e.g. Latvian

Through the letter or as part of the letter:

Diacritic Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Cedilla (¸) (or comma below) Ģ U+0122 ģ U+0123 e.g. Latvian
Stroke Ǥ U+01E4 ǥ U+01E5 e.g. Skolt Sami
Diagonal stroke U+A7A0 U+A7A1 ?
Hook Ɠ U+0193 ɠ U+0260 e.g. Kpelle
Palatal hook U+1D83 Phonetics?

Derived letters:

Variation Capital Unicode point Lower case Unicode point Usage
Small capital ɢ U+0262 e.g. IPA
Script U+A7AC ɡ U+0261 e.g. IPA
Turned U+2141 U+1D77 e.g. Georgian romanization
Insular U+A77D U+1D79 Midiaeval manuscripts?
Turned insular U+A77E U+A77F Phonetics?
Yogh Ȝ U+021C ȝ U+021D e.g. Middle English
Gamma Ɣ U+0194 ɣ U+0263 e.g. IPA
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