? How this differs from being able to encode accented vowels in Latin script with diacritics vs. as atomic characters? Like U+00E1 = U+0061 + U+0301 (Latin small 'a' with acute).

= It is different because ZWJ has 0 collation weight.


? How many such combinations which differ by just joiners you can give? Isn't VanYavanika a stretched example as it is clearly two words. Can you give any reference to VanYavanika used as a single word and not two words separated by space?

=As many examples as one wants. Any word which ends in chillu-N would be an example. To site some:

'avan' and any words ending in 'avan'. eg: iiyuLLavan, pOyavan...

'Ettan' and any words ending in 'Ettan'. eg: kumaarEttan, ponnEttan..

'makan' and any words ending in 'makan'. eg: pon_makan, marumakan..



A search in dictionary would produce around 15000 words that includes names from Puranas. To this add all the names of people, places etc that ends in chillu-N.

Purpose of VanYavanika/VanyaVanika examples were different. It was proposed to show that this issue exists even if one puts aside samvruthokaram conventions.


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